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About Ujjawal Bhavishya Foundation

Ujjawal Bhavishya is working for young children and women to provide them education and make them self-sufficient and independent by supporting the holistic approach of our nation. It targets to deal with the problems in an included way hence offering the healthy answer toward the complete empowerment of young girls in India. It’s been known to the people all across the globe that women are being discriminated against as well as restrained on social, economical, political, and cultural grounds for several decades. It is clear that in our country, equality between men and women, including empowerment needs legal and policy action. Therefore, indifference and enforcement of patriarchal systems demand fair protection for the women. The mission of Ujjawal Bhavishya is to mobilize women financially, socially as well as politically through active efforts, movements, and rallies to avoid people mistreating women and fundamentally alter gender affiliation.

We are in the town of Bihar, which reflects the reformation of Indian youngsters in society. Our organization works as an organization to reinforce and facilitate

economical and social self dependability of the young generation through schooling, vocational activity, mental wellbeing along with personal assistance. The initiatives of our organization encourage the youths to academic studies, some to pursue a career at our learning center, thereby providing employment alternatives. Originally our NGO's management is a team of consultant, permanent and provisional staff.

Ujjawal Bhavishya also aims to give youngsters with outstanding services. Good quality, filtered and recycled water supply, electronic laboratory, children's parks with games, and coaches through our NGO's vocational programs have a large variety of skills, allowing children as well as women who choose not to learn further but want to be financially stable.

Young children and adults are getting skilled in software applications, as well as paramedical education programs. Not only just that, but the professional training facility at Ujjawal Bhavishya also teaches other abilities, like fine arts, weaving, and makeup training, allowing anyone the potential to obtain a career or work for themselves as well as to make a living.

The Ujjawal Bhavishya counseling centers provide marginalized women and underprivileged children with a secure and open forum and support them in overcoming their household problems.


Ujjawal Bhavishya is constantly working hard and dedicating our services to develop skills and knowledge of young kids and women through schooling, skills training, as well as wellness and also to improve their all-around quality of life. We give the individuals of our country a voice for doing so and for becoming self - sufficient.


Ujjawal Bhavishya is determined and looking forward to bring a change in the lives of several children and women in our society. We aim to continue to extend our attempts and meet millions of individuals in India.