Date of Application Form : 10/05/2023 to 21/05/2023 Block Co-ordinator (Posts : 113 & Fee : 280) , District Co-ordinator (Posts : 18 & Fee : 300)
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Ujjawal Bhavishya is constantly working hard and dedicating our services to develop skills and knowledge of young kids and women through schooling, skills training, as well as wellness and also to improve their all-around quality of life. We give the individuals of our country a voice for doing so and for becoming self - sufficient.


Ujjawal Bhavishya is determined and looking forward to bring a change in the lives of several children and women in our society. We aim to continue to extend our attempts and meet millions of individuals in India.

What We Provide

We are responsive to client needs and make collaboration & engagement easy

Client engagement made easy through

  • Fast and thorough collaborative communication
  • Adaptability to changing requirements
  • Innovative service and consultative approach
  • Assistance during scoping & development
  • Competitive partnership focus

We ensure our differentiation through specific life science expertise

Ensuring our differentiation through

  • Our inter disciplinary domain experts and their deep technology know how
  • Unique divers techno-commercial experience
  • Flexible to special requests & dedicated support throughout execution

We build our approach around your requirements

Tailored approach to unique problems

  • We devise our methedology around your particular requirements and if required make necessary changes to provide optimum fit

We deliver success through agile execution and an efficient operating model

Our efficient

  • Subjecting own learning to rigorous interrogation and cross-referencing to validate further enables us to create powerful insights and necessary recommendations
  • Close ties with external consultants
  • Unique diverse techno-commercial experience